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  • 01Management System

    Regularly identify and update the requirements of relevant policies, laws, and regulations, add CSR responsibilities to the company's post responsibilities, formulate objectives and indicators and implement the assessment. Passed ISO9001, ISO14001, IATF16949, and other management system certifications, continuously improved the organization and management system, perfected system construction, and strengthened related publicity and training.

  • 02Business Ethics

    Operate with integrity, comply with laws and regulations, have a good business reputation, be responsible to employees, customers, and society; conduct business ethics policy training for company employees to improve their business ethics. Establish a good business spirit, correct business ethics, and values, and promote a virtuous economic cycle and sustained growth.

  • 03Labor Rights

    We are adhering to the protection of the rights of employees by the law, establishing stable and harmonious labor relations, strengthening labor protection measures, improving labor conditions, providing a warm dining environment in canteens, creating public fitness venues, and providing training on labor rights. In addition, give the employees labor insurance supplies and regular physical examinations to maximize the protection of harmonious labor relations and effectively safeguard employees' legitimate rights and interests.

  • 04Environmental Protection

    By adding new equipment, the company expands production capacity while effectively saving electricity and reducing waste emissions; installing photovoltaic equipment, independently supplying electricity for production, reducing national power supply, saving electricity while being more environmentally friendly; fully demonstrating the drop in costs, The energy-saving awareness of increasing efficiency every minute. Use the best management to maximize energy conservation and emission reduction.

  • 05Occupational Health

    Identify, evaluate, predict and control harmful occupational factors and their health damages generated or existing in the workplace, establish and improve operating procedures for occupational disease hazard positions, and prevent and protect employees from the health effects caused by harmful occupational factors. Danger promotes and guarantees employees' physical and mental health and social welfare in professional activities.

  • 06Production Safety

    Adhere to the "people-oriented" and safety-oriented principles, analyze, predict and evaluate dangerous/harmful factors, and take corresponding accident prevention and control measures to ensure the personal safety and occupational health of employees, equipment, and facilities from damage and the environment. Avoid being destroyed to ensure the smooth progress of production and business activities.

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