》BACKPrNd mischmetal exporting offer drops

Beijing(Asian Metal) 31AUG11-PrNd mischmetal exporting market remains soft and the lastest offer of Chinese exporters is USD360/kg FOB China down from USD370-380/kg one Weeks ago.

A source from a smelter in North China expressed that PrNd mischmetal inquiries are few in the overseas market, with offer declining by USD20/kg FOB China to USD360/kg FOB China from USD370-380/kg one week ago."prNd mischmetal demandis weak in both demestic and international markets, meanwhile,the limited price of the customs,which is hard for overseas imporers to accept, makes us more difficult in selling this material." said the source. " We learned that few manufacturers are selling the material at USD330-350/Kg FOB China."

According to the source, the plant produces amount 70 tons of PrNd mischmetal per month and they didnot conclude PrNd mischmetal deals last week. "the mainstream domestic offer of PrNd mischmetal is in a range of RMB1100000-1250000/t(USD172144-195618/t) at present, the market is also quite." said the source." It is hard to conclude PrNd mischmetal exporting deals at USD360/kg FOB China now."

"Most importers have no real intention to replenish stock now and we have not completed any  PrNd mischmetal deals in the past ten days.", added the source,revealing that the smelter produces around 70 tons of PrNd mischmetal per month.