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Secretary of Huzhou Municipal Committee Ma Xiaohui and Mayor Wang Gang, As Well As Leaders at All Levels, Visited CJ Magnet for Investigation and Guidance
Time:2021/6/9 View:77

On June 9, secretary of Huzhou Municipal Committee Ma Xiaohui and Mayor Wang Gang, as well as leaders at all levels visited Shanghai CJ Magnet Industry Co., Ltd( the branch of Sheensen Group,referred as CJ Magnet for investigation and guidance. Also had a deeper communication and exchange with Yan Xiangling, founder of CJ Magnet.

Accompanied by Yan Xiangling, the founder of CJ Magnet, Secretary Ma Xiaohui and Mayor Wang Gang visited CJ Magnet’s production workshop and company showroom, etc. They commended the fully automatic intelligent manufacturing equipment and advanced standardized process production in the workshop, and highly affirmed and praised the innovative R&D technologies of our nano-coating, laminated magnetsgrain boundary diffusion and other technologies.

The secretary and other leaders expressed high praise for CJ Magnet and at the same time gave higher expectations to the enterprise. They hoped CJ Magnet could make persistent efforts, give full play to its own technological R&D advantages in the field of Neodymium magnets, and continuously intensify technological transformation and innovation. Through the continuous improvement of process, technology, equipment and the enhancement of products and enterprises competitiveness to meet the needs of market development.

Founder Yan Xiangling said, CJ Magnet  always insists on high standards and strict requirements, pursuing product excellence with innovation. In the future, CJ Magnet will continue to focus on internal innovation, improve the operation efficiency of the enterprise, devote to establishing an intelligent, digital modern factory, and contribute more to the development of rare earth permanent magnet industry.