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Academician Du Youwei's Team from Chinese Academy of Sciences Visited CJ Magnet for Technical Exchange
Time:2021/5/26 View:1670

On May 26th, Deputy Director of the Magnetism Professional Committee of the Chinese Physical Association, member of the Applied Magnetism Professional Committee of the Chinese Institute of Electronics, Academician Du Youwei of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Astrophysicist, professor of School of Astronomy and Space Science of Nanjing University, academician Fang Cheng of Chinese Academy of Sciences and other members of his party visited Shanghai CJ Magnet Industry Co., Ltd( the branch of Sheensen Group,referred as CJ Magnet). Bao Jinsheng, general manager of  Sheensen Group, gave the party a warm reception.

The academician team visited CJ Magnets R&D laboratory and production workshop, and highly affirmed the level of technical development of CJ Magnet's R&D and innovation on permanent magnet NdFeB material, and provided guidance for the future development direction.

Through this technical exchange, the combination of theory and practice between the two sides was promoted. Academician Du Youwei and General Manager Bao Jinsheng expressed their hope that the two sides would further strengthen communication, cooperation between industry, academia and research, and carry out more substantial and in-depth cooperation in frontier innovation fields and talent training to achieve complementary advantages and common development.