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Mayor of Anji County Song Bo and his party visited CJ Magnet for research and guidance
Time:2021/5/19 View:1567

At 14:00 on May 19, Anji County Mayor Song Bo and other county leaders such as Guan Yongfeng and Chen Weiwei visited Shanghai CJ Magnet Industry Co., Ltd( the branch of Sheensen Group,referred as CJ Magnet for research and guidance, and has a in-depth communication and exchange with Bao Enxia, the founder of CJ Magnet.

Accompanied by Ms Bao Enxia, the founder of CJ Magnet, Mr. Song and his party visited the NdFeB production workshop of CJ Magnet, learned about the products of NdFeB rare earth permanent magnet materials and the production and application of its components. They also listened to the development status, production scale, business philosophy, personnel training, technology research and the future development plan of CJ Magnet. Mr Song has expressed high affirmation and praise to the development of CJ Magnet.

At the same time, Mr. Song and his party hope that CJ Magnet will further strengthen the professionalization, refinement, specialization and novelty of the enterprise, comply with the trend that the country will focus on the development of the economy on the real estate. He wishes CJ Magnet could grasp the opportunity and strive to become an important national advanced manufacturing industry and a scientific and technological innovation enterprise with core competitiveness.

The founder of CJ Magnet, Bao Enxia, said CJ Magnet will remember the suggestion, focus on quality and pay attention to research and development. CJ Magnet will strive green development, intelligent manufacturing and do a good job of technological innovation of rare earth new materials, and make greater contributions to the development of the national rare earth industry! In the future, CJ Magnet will continue to develop along the road of technology, intelligence, digitalization and internationalization, and become a leading enterprise in the magnetic material industry.